Viche 2013 11

Viche 11, 2013

Moscow and citizens of Moscow (prosperous view of a provincial)

Getting from Smolensk province to Minka the Moscow-Minsk high-way captivated by transport and roar day and night and in the stream of cars I spin the pedals to Moscow.

Siberian vector

Since olden times Siberia has attracted travelers with its enormous spaces, eternal nature, its savagery, with the unique way of life of both native people and migrants from other lands.

Our mothers fates are so alike...

For over quarter of century on the field of revival and development of the national culture the known charity organization the Ukrainian Cultural Fund has been operating.

Living with chimeras

Scanning mentally a psycho logical makeup of architect Gorodetskyi within more than 80 years after his Teheran death, we make consumption. Since birthday Leshek Dezideriy Vladyslav (full name of the master) had an adventurous perturbing disposition.

Life, Im in love with you

It is the name of exhibition of paintings of folk artist of Ukraine, honoured citizen of Kharkiv region Viktor Kovtun, which was opened on May, 29 in the Kharkiv Art Museum.

Mylene Demongeot: May lilac be always in blossom in Kharkiv!

From the 17th to the 20th of May a regular lilac wave occupied the main creative grounds of Kharkiv: the V International Festival of Short-Length Films Kharkiv Lilac was held.

Vitaliy and Svitlana Bilonozhky: We should think highly of love. Because love is our flight without the fall

Four year old Vitalik, the sixth child in a large family of the chairman of collective farm Vasyl Bilonozhka, used to pull a chair himself, not waiting until someone will pay attention to him, used to interfere in incomprehensible…

The book for forever

Passions in the cauldron of the Third Book Arsenal boiled the whole week. Guests studied the program of events preliminary. However, even at the most fervent desire to have time to be everywhere, it seemed to be unreal.

When the beauty is for good and grace, it saves the world

thinks Halyna Stelmaschuk, art critic, author of numerous books about the history of Ukrainian clothes.

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