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Viche 2013 №10

Viche №10, 2013

The influence of the financial crisis in the countries of EU on improvement of its incomplete formation

The progress in science and technology, the development of information technologies, the rapid increase the rate of people’ travel, goods, services, information, and financial funds - these are the main factors that mostly contributed to the globalization of the…

Ensuring the safety of persons, implemented into the criminal environment

The article outlines the basic principles of the ensuring safety of persons, implemented into the criminal environment.

About the communicative paradigm of the social - political development of Ukraine

The processes of globalization transformed the information into the source of financial-economic growth, and human intellect turned into the economic category.

Method of a rapid assessment of the quality of administration management

The quality of the administration management and capacity for its consistent improvement is increasingly recognizing as a key factor of the competitiveness of organizations, territorial units and countries.

Using of the mathematical methods as a means of optimizing the usage of punishment of the under ages: criminal-legal aspect

The use of punishment to minors depends on many factors, including the quality of legislation and its interpretation technique, and subsequently usage.

The administrative responsibility of public organizations in Ukraine: problems of legal regulation in the context of the entry into force of the new Law of Ukraine “On Public Associations”

Under conditions of development of democratic processes in Ukraine, adaptation of the national legislation towards European standards the government authorities pay great attention to the improvement or adoption of new regulations that govern the various forms of activity of…

Finances of the charity organizations and their role in the financial system of Ukraine

A public legal influence on regulation of a financial system involves the participation of a state and its ensuring of the sustainable financial flows to provide the respective functions of management and development.

Improvement of positions of separate norms of civil judicial code of Ukraine

In article examined problem questions of improvement of the Civil judicial code of Ukraine by specification of positions of separate norms, removals of the definite failing in the civil judicial legislation, in particular contradictions between the general and special…

Objectives and mechanisms of legal regulation of activities of information agencies

This article investigates the mechanisms of legal regulation, which provide activities of the information agencies.