Viche 2012 17

Viche 17, 2012

The first dish: Ethnographic and cultural research

Is borsch known for other nations? There are, of course, a lot of dishes which consist of different garden vegetable in the cuisines of different tribes in all continents.

Yaroslav FEDORCHUK: The real intellectual is capable on self-sacrifice

Yaroslav FEDORCHUK is hard and uncompromising in his persuasions. For him his native land is a shrine, being Ukrainian is a deep essence of the soul.

On the top of musical Parnassus

At once two living classic composers celebrate the anniversaries this month. Yevhen STANKOVYCH will be 70 years old on September, 19. Valentyn SYLVESTROV will celebrate his 75-th anniversary on September, 30.

Under the inspired sky of Italy

On Septembers, 23, 140 years ago, Solomiya Krushelnytska was born (18721952). Anatoliy Solovyanenko would have been 80 years old on September, 25 (19321999).

Ivan MYKYTENKO: a writer who had a personal weapon

Eighty year old Oleh Ivanovych, son of the known writer, even today does a lot to immortalize his unforgettable father. The grandfather is also respected by his grandchild doctor of philological sciences, editor-in-chief of magazine Universe Yuriy Mykytenko.…

Mykola SYADRYSTYI: My micro miniatures is the art of the ղ century

Monarchs and presidents are proud of knowing him. And the countries visited by him make a full-scale atlas of the world. Communication with Mykola SYADRYTSYI always seemed to be as unreal as his micro miniatures.

Sculptures of Johan Pinzel are prepared to be exhibited in Louvre

In the Lviv National Gallery of Arts the group of restorers renovates the sculptures of Ukrainian Michelangelo Johan Pinzel. His works are getting prepared for exhibiting in the halls of Louvre.

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