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Viche 2012 №14

Viche №14, 2012

Original labor related to the law enforcement and human rights protection

Legal literature has been enriched with one more interesting book where the acute issues of law enforcement, state and legal formation, interconnection between the national sovereignty, rights, legal culture with the human and citizen rights*. Its authors are V.…

Natural phenomena of sate power

During centuries-old history of the humanity the state power remains to be a quite difficult social phenomenon. It has an attractive force and is an important phenomenon of the social life.

International regulatory acts on education and their influence on the formation of the national policy in the sphere of education in Ukraine

Tendencies to the globalization of the society development form a new era of co-operation between the nations, people, and states. Globalization processes influence on the management, production, trade, labor-market, political structures, and other public establishments and processes.

International experience of implementation of the functions of human rights and freedoms protection by the public prosecutor and ways of its enjoyment in Ukraine

Certain functions defined by the Constitution and implemented by the public prosecutor point at the necessity to determine the directions of subsequent increase of efficiency of its activity, which is predefined by the development of public relations, changes in…

Constitutional complaint as the institute of democracy

Discussion regarding the necessity of the introduction of the constitutional complaint, as a direction for the development of the constitutional legal proceeding, has been taking place since the organ of constitutional jurisdiction was created in Ukraine.…

Open issues of the tax reform

During the period of the formation of the Ukrainian state the issue of the tax reform have always been the subject for the discussion between the scientists — lawyers, economists, politicians and public figures.

Moral constituent of professionalism of the law enforcement authorities

Law enforcement authorities have been and still remain the key elements of keeping the law and order in the society which is in the state of permanent social, economic and political crisis.

Separate issues of the electoral disputes considered by the courts

One of the tasks of the updated electoral legislation is the removal of irrelevances, which existed in the previous editions of the law on the election of folk deputies of Ukraine, especially those which created the threat of falsification…

Strong scientific school, permanent development, responsibility and morality multiplied by self-weighted conservatism, persistent and tense work of the collective are the basis for success, authority and acknowledgement of our higher educational esta

The fact that Kharkiv has a status of a legal capital of Ukraine appeared due to the National Yaroslav Mudryi Law Academy of Ukraine. It is also the center of legal education in Ukraine.