Журнал Viche 2012 №14

№14, 2012

Moral constituent of professionalism of the law enforcement authorities

Law enforcement authorities have been and still remain the key elements of keeping the law and order in the society which is in the state of permanent social, economic and political crisis. And if it is so, the militia, as a ponderable social constituent of the state system, should, above all things, be a subject to control - like a litmus paper for the strength of power itself and the law and order implemented by it. And if the law and order always means the rule of law, and not the state of the society, when the right doesn’t mean the law itself, but that who owns the legal institutions, then militia is a cutting edge of a public display of the law. Therefore a decline of the level of trust of citizens to the state and its institutions, in our view, is a main negative factor for the law and order. And it concerns all constituents of professionalism of law enforcement authorities-militiamen beginning from the professional orientation, psychological and moral preparation of future workers of militia; policy of HR allocation and promotion in the control and functioning system directly in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, development of the social monitoring and adjusting of public relations with the civil society and citizens of the country, etc.