Журнал Viche 2009 №24

Viche №24, 2009

Law Creating Technology in German Federal Republic

Being in Germany, we pay attention to the fact that there are no arguments concerning the content of laws and their coming into force.

International Experience in the Work of Militia in Ukraine

Presently under the conditions of the whole state service system modernization in Ukraine, the restructuring of the internal affairs bodies, their integration in the system of low enforcement bodies of foreign countries the necessity in the improvement of militia…

Operating Procedure of the Verkhovna Rad of Ukraine: Constitutional Aspect

The questions of the judicial power of the operating procedures and the forms of their legislative recognition in the practice of different countries and their place in legal source system have become the objects of scientific researches for several…

Constitutional Problems of the Constitutive Power in Ukraine

Presently the Head of the state has put on the agenda of political and legal life in Ukraine the question about the new Constitution.