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Viche 2009 №11

Viche №11, 2009

Political Class in Modern Ukraine: Background of Formation (Part 2)

Political history of Ukraine of the last 17 years is not merely the history of three presidents, six chairmen of the Verkhovna Rada, 12 governments, formation of political class, political leaders and political elite, reformation of the imperious systems,…

Transformation of Political System and Role of Political Elites in the Development of the Society

Scales of transformations, which take place in the society both at global and at local and regional levels, cannot be placed in usual theoretical patterns which used to explain social, economic, political and cultural processes, and which were mostly…

Peculiarities of Formation of Coordination Mechanisms in the Policy of Public Health Protection

The fact that some specialized department is responsible for all questions concerning health would seem to be conventional. Although medical professionals in the whole world have lost monopoly in this sphere.

Is Administrative and Territorial Reform Possible in Ukraine?

Since the time of the renovation of the independence of Ukraine the discussion about the reformation of administrative and territorial system has been taking place.…

Will Village Councils Become District Centres?

The discussions of the future reform of administrative and territorial system of Ukraine have begun in the society (see issue № 9 of “Viche”).

Fight for Plenary Powers

Will Local Self-government exist in Ukraine or not? Such almost Gamlet question appeared presently before the organs of local power, and there is no single answer to it until now: competitive fight for plenary powers and budgetary financing is…

Area of Observation is Area of Life

With the development of technical progress the necessity of humanity in electrical energy grows constantly.