Журнал Viche 2009 №11

№11, 2009

Is Administrative and Territorial Reform Possible in Ukraine?

Since the time of the renovation of the independence of Ukraine the discussion about the reformation of administrative and territorial system has been taking place.

The peculiarity of this collective monograph is an attempt to systematize the present approaches toward description of administrative and territorial structure of Ukraine and separate results. It will make the formation of objective picture of the administrative and territorial system and the forecast of further ways of its reformation possible.


*Administrative and Territorial Reform in Ukraine: Political and Legal Problems / I.O. Kresina, A.A. Kovalenko, K.M. Vitman, O.V. Skrypnyuk, E.V. Pereguda, O.M. Stoyko, O.G.Kuchabskyi, V.A. Yavir / As amended by I.O. Kresina. – K.: Logos, 2009. – 480 p.

Mykhaylo Baymuratov