Журнал Viche 2007 №5

№5, 2007

We remember the cost of victory

Dear compatriots, dear veterans of the Great Patriotic war!

I congratulate you sincerely with the majestic holiday of Victory!

There are some events in the history of every nation which can not be spoken about without a sinking heart. The Victory Day is such one for us.

Many on the political draughts of history will make attempt to garble the colors of banners of veritable winners, inspecting quite often the deed of the real knights in a battle with fascism. But we all know exactly that the main mortal burden of the Great War was heaped on the shoulders of our parents and mothers, on your shoulders, dear veterans. Our people held out and, paying incredibly a lot for every step, brought victory as mortgage of peace on earth to humanity.

History showed: everybody took charge of this treasure in its own way. You and I exactly remember the cost of Victory and save it thoroughly.

The third millennium gave a reddish hue to its beginning in many “hot spots” of the planet. And today in the world a threatening boom responds to every step of aggressive politicians who in no way can master: the one, who sows wind, reaps a storm.

At the moment, in the epoch of globalization of political and economic processes, in the period, when the destructive force of weapon goes out from the man’s control area, the problem of peace arises as a measure of human thought on the whole. Exactly that, whether people will manage to preserve peace on the earth, will settle, whether there will be human life itself on the earth.

Let’s remember: one should fight for peace. Everybody should. And by all forces of human mind. Peace is that dear phenomenon to all humanity, which will help to understand all languages in the world, will teach to see the most sacred hopes of all people on the earth.

We believe, our young Ukraine will always be among the states which honestly and bravely defend peace on the earth.

I wish you harmony, well and love. May this flowering spring once again show how it is good to live, being unaware of bitter taste of losses.


Chairman of the Vrkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr MOROZ.