Журнал Viche 2007 №5

№5, 2007

Ahead of schedule. When and how?

The question to be or not to be to prescheduled election is already irrelevant. To be but when and how? It is a main question. A working group consisting of President representatives and the parliamentary factions must answer it. Their conclusions could have been legalized in the session hall of Verkhovna Rada. But it consists of the same people. And opposition remains behind the walls of the parliament.

In opinion of Oleksandr TURCHYNOV (BYT), coalition undertakes any steps in order to put on the brakes the work of election preparation group. "It is just a simple tactical turn to delay a process and break up the implementation of decree of President on conducting of prescheduled election", – reports the site of the block.

Mykola ONISHYUK, as reported on a party site, informs: "In present terms it is unwanted for coalition that election took a place in summer. Although I would not take a boldness to assert that even if it was in autumn they would consent it". The date is the not a unique problem which is debated and which interferes with a rapid achievement of compromise. "It is a question of  mechanisms and procedure of setting of prescheduled parliamentary election", – he marked.  


Strange situation: decrees are given out, statements are pronounced, negotiations continue, suspicions are spread, all political paths lead to a deadlock. But there is a way out. This subject is about our talk with people's deputies.  



When opposition will be interested in doing something they will return to the session hall and forget their previous statements.


We have an agreement with our partners about a mutual actions. We worked conjointly for a long time. I hardly understand how it is possible possible to tear a mutual relations. We had a meeting of a political executive. We confidently look ahead. If will come to the conclusion, that the unique fist will bring us greater support of electors, then will go a single block.

Alexander TKACHENKO (CPU):

A president gave out already two decrees about stopping of plenary powers of the Verkhovna Rada. But meets neither with Chairman of parliament nor with the the chairmen of factions although it is foreseen by Constitution.


On what terms would socialists go on prescheduled parliamentary election?

The first condition  - to revise an electoral legislation. The second – to bring the activity of the Central election committee to a civilized state. The third – to make alteration to Constitution which would enable Verkhovna Rada to dissolution. Also there is need in a prescheduled election law. The president wants refinement, so do we. Let's do it together: conduct prescheduled parliamentary and presidential election.