Viche 2007 5

5, 2007

PAEC is convinced that all parties are to agree with the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

On April, 1620 the spring part of the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council of the year 2007 worked in Strasburg. This time Ukraine was not talked about, maybe, only in places for smoking. Telling the truth, there are no such special places in the Palace of Europe, because ash-trays are everywhere, even a few steps to the transparent doors of the parliamentary hall. Shortly before the session the assembly decided to conduct urgent debates concerning political situation in Ukraine, having appointed them on April, 19. And two days prior to it, on April, 17, the Ukrainian Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych, who visited the political heart of Europe for a few hours, came forward before the euromembers of the parliament.

Serhiy DOYKO