Журнал Viche 2007 №5

№5, 2007

We cut fat on the political map of the world

Two women came to Solomon, arguing about a child. The ruler ordered to cut a baby and give the equal part to each. One named this decision wise; the second said that she refused from a child, so that it could live. We remember what happened further.
It is interesting what decision would be taken by the wisest judge, while listening to the dispute of politicians which compete for lordship over this wretched Ukraine?

Smart society will have to rake institutional obstructions without anyone’s assistance. They were doomed to sit down to table and to talk. And, of course, not only about the date or “no date” of elections. Is the point in elections? The root of problem is to be dig out – the unwillingness of subjects of policy to adhere to the constitutional standards. And it is not a legal problem, but a moral one. In contrast to the criminal law, for example, the constitutional one does not foresee the violation of orders. It is built upon the idea that all participants of the constitutional process aim and try to adhere to the letter of the Basic Law, its spirit rules over them. And exactly this is not observed.


The subject of agreement can be only one – it is convocation of the constitutional commission. And not consisting of political bulldogs, whose fells, covering with stains, become rugged day by day. Specialists in constitutionalism, experts on administrative law, known political scientists should be the members of it. They have to write the projects of a new Constitution, and laws about the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers and opposition. And also to draft the project of a new law about the elections of national deputies. The fact that the law in force is a mockery over the democracy is not needed to be explained, to my mind. It is even needed to return to the mixed electoral system. People have to know their ambassadors to the legislature. It would allow people, who, except for experience and moral authority, have an allergy to party colours, to return to a public policy. Who benefited by leaving Leonid Kravchuk, Ivan Plyushch and Leonid Kuchma out of the precincts of the Verkhovna Rada? These people (whether someone likes it or not) are the architects of new Ukraine. Will anyone among people, who have not lost common sense yet, be happy of that those politicians, who now determine the state life, will be on the flank? Proportional elections will split Ukraine. Majority elections will return people, who aim to solve a problem, to the legislative activity. Both political scientists and sociologists repeated thousand times: there are no disagreements concerning social and economic questions among Ukrainians. People are revolted by a geopolitical whirlpool. Let’s leave geopolitics to philosophers and publicists. Let politicians deal with the questions, which unite citizens, instead of those that convert them into political meat.