Viche 2006 24

24, 2006

Remember about a veto

On November, 16 parliament supported in the first reading a bill About Cabinet of Ministers

In "Universal of national unity", which for many in a time of signing looked like the act of a political wisdom, it is expressly marked in black and white, that President prepares a law "About Cabinet of Ministers" and presents it to Verkhovna Rada.

Passed time and we see that Universal it is an act political benefit. So instead of one deputies had three bills about the Cabinet of Ministers. The secretariat of President scarified a bill, developed Cabinet, and renounced to give him on behalf of President for consideration of members of parliament. A cabinet handled with this task: on October, 13 Supreme Soviet saw the cabinet project of law. On October, 27 President gave for consideration of Verkhovna Rada an own bill in which suggested to foresee possibility of refuse of President from the candidature of premera offered coalition. It was also planned to pick up a thread the institute of secretaries of the state. These innovations did not delight at Secretariat of Cabinet On November, 16 parliament supported the governmental variant of bill in the first reading. 247 folk deputies voted for him, not regarding that most experts and folk deputies considered  a best variant of the the bill of Mykola Onischuk. As known, the Verkhovna of fourth convocation approving bills, devoted to the activity of Cabinet, beginning from 1996 undergoes on the veto of President Leonid Kuchma for seven times.