Журнал Viche 2006 №24

№24, 2006

Locks do not believe tears...

December, 7 - the Day of local self-government

In Lviv, meeting of Advisory and consultative counsel on the questions of the legislative providing of local self-government and the regional development at the Head of Verkhovna Rada took place .On the agenda of meeting are two questions: "About a guarding and saving of objects of a cultural legacy of region" and "About a course of preparation of bill "About the State budget of Ukraine on 2007» for consideration in the a second reading".

Information for the consideration of parliament, government, public


Presently in Ukraine there is over 130 thousand memorials of cultural legacy which under the guard of the state. On their base ate created and functions 62 historical and cultural reserves.

On the whole the fund of historical buildings exceeds 70 thousand objects. By the decree of the Cabinet is ratified the List of historical cities and settlements of city type to which it is included 401 settlements. Meantime it was marked on the conference that there are very little specialists – restorers" of architecture in Ukraine. Consequently the problem not only in "saving» facilities from above. Over 200 architectural memorials need urgent repairing works. Over 6 thousand archaeological – urgent research and measures on restoration. On the whole from 50 to 70 percents of cultural legacy is in the unsatisfactory state, and every tenth memorial– in an emergency. And all must be urgently restored, reconstructed and plugged in a modern social-economic life.