Журнал Viche 2006 №24

№24, 2006

Would you like to begin own business?

Society on the whole has a positive attitude toward the business undertakings. But growing unwillingness to work for a private owner, from one side, is connected with the growth of declarative desire to begin own business in society – from the other side. It shows the phenomenon of double institutionalization of enterprises, which provides the peculiar institutional soundness of the latter, which is based on the consent of people to live in such economic space, where employment is practiced in a private sector and negative directions concerning the attractiveness of businessmen as employers exist at the same time.

Analysis of influencing of social and cultural factors (ethnic origin, confession belonging, gender, age, education, family status), of degree of urbanization and regional belonging on projective enterprise directions of the Ukrainian population, and also of socially-territorial stratification will give an opportunity to expose social legitimation of enterprise in detail.