Viche 2006 24

24, 2006

19321933: ethnic cleaning in Ukraine

The starvation in Ukraine of 19321933 years was named the so called starvation by the MFA of Russia. Russians try to represent the tragedy as the banal phenomenon. Because not only Ukrainians but also other people of the Union suffered. Favorable view-point. One can not hide the crime. One can not wipe memory out. The past gets out like a spike of an awl. The successor of the USSR can only refuse to take responsibilities. There is nothing to whine about in Ukraine, everybody felt bad. But did everybody?

The consequence of the present day misfortune in Ukraine will be Russian colonization of this country that will cause change of its ethnographic character. In the future and, probably, in the nearest future nobody will speak about Ukraine or about the Ukrainian people, and about the Ukrainian problem, because Ukraine will become de facto the territory with the mainly Russian population.

(From the Sergio Gradenigos letter, Italian consul in Kharkiv, 1933 year).