Viche 2013 21

21, 2013

Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Borys OLIINYK: Borys Paton belongs to those stamp figures in line with Schevchenko, Franko, Vernadskiy, Korolev, thanks to whom the world recognizes Ukraine

Without theatrical pathetic, needless poetism and apologetics I just say that Borys Paton is the whole era in the domestic and world science. The son of the legendary father Yevheniy Oskarovych, who built bridges of unity between nations and protected them with the steel of tanks sealed with seams of his own name, Borys honestly and proudly carried and is carrying now the family flag of Paton of all generations who devoted themselves to the state. In his noble profile there are reflections of the fires of the civil and the Great Patriotic wars and enthusiasm of the reconstructive five-year plans, the space smile of Gagarin and the radiation glow of Chernobyl disaster ... And , of course , the blazes of electro-welding to which he gave all energy of his talent. The birth of the sovereign Ukraine is not only state but also his family holiday.