Журнал Viche 2013 №21

№21, 2013

Did the «Pyramid» wobble?

After one of the triumphs of our national team the president of the Chess Federation of Ukraine Viktor Kapustin aptly compared it with the top of the whole pyramid. There, at the top, there is a kind of a final exam of the longstanding training of the players, of the individual skill, of the team strategy; there are the laurels of the champions, shining of the medals of the most prestigious competitions ... And what is in the base of the pyramid? What should be taken care of to keep the conditions for appearing new chess stars and possibilities for their ascent to chess Olympus?

Of course, the source of the highest sports achievements  is children's and youth sport. Upon its state depends the future progress, the appearance of new leaders and champions.

Oleksandr MALIENKO