Viche 2012 13

13, 2012

Even one warrior in the field is a warrior

Forty days have passed since the Hero of Ukraine, tireless collector of eternal values, director of the Lviv National Gallery of Arts Borys VOZNYTSKYI died.
And during all these days round this glorious name verbal battles have been conducting about the fate of two historical battle linens which were 40 years ago saved from elimination by the passionless knight of the forgotten castles. These are the pictures of Italian master Martino Altamonte The Siege of Vienna (8 by7 meters) and The Battle of Parkany (9 by 8 meters), which were written in Zhovkva - the capital of the early Ukrainian renaissance.

In present disputes Borys Voznytskyi remains one warrior in the field which defended the perseverance and inviolability of the collection of the gallery. As all his life is an example of unflashy service for Ukraine.

Our story is about the collectors of eternal values, about history of battle pictures and perseverance of treasures left for us in the inheritance of Borys Voznytskyi.