Журнал Viche 2011 №19

№19, 2011

Consumer goods basket is like a hole in a doughnut

106 g of bread, 5 g of fat and 25 g of sausage, one and a half glasses of milk, 250 g of potato per day, a pair of socks and stockings per year, one pair of underwear per 5 years – these are not prison quotes but the recommended so-called consumer goods basket for the Ukrainian.
This is twice worse than German army prisoners were fed at Stalin camps in 1941.

As known to many, there are two types of a living wage: social one which takes into account the cultural necessities of population, and physiology one which is necessary for the survival of a person, the so-called consumer goods basket. On the basis of data about the consumer goods basket and consumer budget such indexes as minimum salary and minimum pension are calculated.

Consumer goods basket for the population used to be developed always in the case of war and it estimated the quotes of goods according to the food cards. The consumer goods basket is formed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and it is still defined according to the Soviet methodology.