Viche 2011 19

19, 2011

Move to Europe. Progress has been marked and new limits are promised to appear in December

Acknowledgement of the European aspirations of countries of the Initiative East Partnership by the members of the European Union, and, consequently, the determination of accordance of present standards of public life and introduced reforms to the necessity in deepening of collaboration with the organization were the leading themes of summit of the Initiative in Warsaw (on September, 2930, 2011). Actually, the determination of priorities defined in the final documents of the meeting has not become a new dawn in the industry of Euro-integration processes with the participation of the post-Soviet states: sectoral integration, deepening of bilateral collaboration in political, social and economic spheres, attraction of state-participants of EP to participate in the programs of the EU are key principles of the development and deepening of co-operation between the countries of the EU and five states which formerly were the members of the USSR.