Viche 2011 19

19, 2011

Strength of Euro-integration aspirations is in internal unity and adjusted dialog

Taking social, economic and political results into account, last two decades turned out to be fateful for Ukraine. However, after having been firmly established as an independent state, it still has to strengthen its own geopolitical positions, and the constructed state mechanism has to be conformed to the ascertained principles of the EU. For this purpose the gaps which appeared at the staring phase of the transformation process have to be removed. Experience of the states which carried out such transformations certifies that the society can reach real successes only when reforms and their results meet the interests and hopes of the bigger part of population, and that is why do not incur the resistance of the society.
Consequently, in essence, while implementing key for today Euro-integration strategy it is needed to come to the maximal political consensus, public consent and consolidation in relation to the primary purposes of the foreign-policy course, and mechanisms of its realization. Just the same ideological concept is taken as a basis of activity of new inter-factional association of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine European choice which was formed in order to co-ordinate the actions of all branches of power, public associations, parliaments of Ukraine and the European Union in order to thoroughly facilitate political association and economic integration of our country to the EU. Viche asked Anatoliy KINAKH, the co-chairman, national deputy of Ukraine, deputy head of the Ukrainian part of the Committee on Parliamentary Cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union to tell us about main functions and tasks of this association.