Viche 2011 19

19, 2011

Inter-parliamentary measurement of the European integration of Ukraine: joint aim is reached by joint efforts

Entering next stage of negotiations with the European Union, Ukrainian state all more intensively tries to present to the European political society the effectiveness of processes of introducing internal reforms directed on approaching of the country on the whole and the society in particular to the measurement of public life of the really European standard, which has been conventional from the political, economic and cultural side for already many decades. Systematic getting over barriers which are still present on the way to the longed-for membership in the EU, and in this context the creation of any mechanisms of intensification of the Euro-integration process of our state plays the most critical role in its foreign policy, as in fact the adjusted dialog between Ukraine and the EU at all levels is already the guarantee of successful realization by Kyiv of its strategic purpose.
The activity of the Parliamentary Club Ukraine-EU contributes to the association of initiatives for the sake of the European future of Ukraine by strengthening the inter-parliamentary measurement of collaboration. Viche asked to tell about its activity the co-chairman of this deputy association, national deputy of Ukraine, first vice-chairman of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on European Integration, chairman of sub-committee on economic and sectoral collaboration between Ukraine and the EU, and also WTO Volodymyr VECHERKO.