Viche 2011 19

19, 2011

Law On the court fee is another step towards judicial reform

On November 1, 2011 the Law of Ukraine On Court Fee (hereinafter - the Law will come into force). This law defines the legal basis for collecting court fees, facilities and the rates, order of payment and exemption, privileges and refund of the court fee. What major changes should Ukrainian people expect with the adoption of this document?
The legal nature of relations regarding the organizational support of courts with the participation of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine: problematic issues of definition
Formation and legislative strengthening of the status of a specially created for the organizational support of courts authority - the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine (hereinafter - SJA Ukraine) - is associated with several factors of organizational and doctrinal character. Organizational factors cover the transformation of the structure of the judiciary which aims to implement international standards in the field of justice to the national legislation. Doctrinal factors concern the understanding of the necessity to change the perception of specific administrative and legal regulation of social relations from a purely imperative, which is peculiar to the executive power, to the ordered and organizational one, which is available in other areas. This refers to a wide range of social relations associated not only with the realization of human rights in public law relationships but with inner organizational relationships that were established within each public authority, and is the basis for the operation and effectiveness of such bodies as the socio- legal phenomenon.

Ruslan Kyrylyuk