Журнал Viche 2011 №19

№19, 2011

The legal culture of individuals in the context of constitutional development (real state and program goals)

Norms of the Constitution of Ukraine in 1996 are called upon to recognize people, their interests and rights of the highest social value, the state responsibility before the society and the person, to direct the state work on strengthening and ensuring of human and citizen rights and freedoms, separation of powers and rule of law leave no doubt about the ideological orientation of the Ukrainian statehood and the national legal system. However, these program guidelines require a certain level of general theoretical concepts. And in the legal sphere this is closely linked with the need of the national jurisprudence to overcome usual and sometimes entrenched ideas about the social purpose of law, and conditioned by it characteristic features of the process of legal regulation of social relations, stereotypes and normative using activity.