Журнал Viche 2011 №19

№19, 2011

Research and creative source for the study of constitutional law in Ukraine

Only during the last five years dozens of books on constitutional law have been published the authors of which strive to raise the legal science and its subject to the appropriate theoretical level. And today we can confidently assert that the dogmatism, indoctrination, primitive description of the constitutional law inherent to the similar publications of the Soviet era remained in the past. Radical changes have taken place in the science of constitutional law. New methodology and methods of its study have been formed and are being developed now, democratic and legal values and standards have been perceived. Textbook on the constitutional law of Ukraine prepared by reputable scientists and constitutionalists V. F.Pohorilko and V.L. Fedorenko to the 15th anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine, undoubtedly, belong to these educational publications.