Viche 2011 19

19, 2011

Problems of reception of anti-corruption mechanisms of the developed countries in the Ukrainian practice

Ukrainian political and economic elites began to comprehend the phenomenon of corruption as a real threat to the national security and its socio-economic development already in the early years of independence of Ukraine [10]. Already in 1993 the Law of Ukraine On Organizational and Legal Basis for Combating Organized Crime was adopted and in 1995 - the Law On Combating Corruption. Three Concepts on combating corruption were approved and four national programs on combating organized crime were adopted. Many other mechanisms to counter this evil were put in dozens of laws and regulations, in particular, the laws "On the Status of National Deputies of Ukraine", "On the Status of Judges", On Prosecution, On police and others. In 1993 a special state body - the Coordinating Committee on Combating Corruption and Organized Crime under the President of Ukraine was created.