Журнал Viche 2011 №19

№19, 2011

Work for the effect

… According to the information from the specially authorized subjects in the field of combating corruption, in July – August, 2011, 307 criminal cases were accepted, 175 of them were sent to the court. During the same period 293 administrative protocols on corruption offences had been sent to the court (130 protocols were composed by the organs of the prosecutor’s office, 99 – by the organs of internal affairs, 46 – by the organs of the Security Service of Ukraine, 16 – by the organs of the State Tax Service, 2 – by the organs of Military Service and Law Enforcement division of the Armed Forces of Ukraine), according to the results of their examination 54 persons have been brought to the responsibility. The corruption crimes were committed by most civil servants in the budgetary system, in the spheres of the land legal relationships and health protection.