Viche 2011 19

19, 2011

Economy of Ukraine: from Trypillya culture till the orange revolution

Having broken the spears in the polemic regarding the political history, national scientists decided to reproduce the economic past of Ukraine. The labour of research workers was crowned by two volume edition which has been recently published in the capital publishing house Nika-Center.

This time researchers concentrated their attention not to the wars and revolutions, monarch dynasties and palace revolutions, but to the development of industrial and agricultural production, state of trade and money turnover.

Unlike the history of economy which belongs to the group of economic disciplines and studies the dynamics of production indexes (cost price, prices, labour productive efficiency, etc.), economic history is devoted to a greater extent to the analysis of public problems. No wonder that the historians who study it combine the analysis of economic processes with the explanation of dynamics of social changes in the society, the chairman of the editorial council of the publishing house, academician of the NAS of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn marks in his preamble.