Журнал Viche 2011 №19

№19, 2011

Royal park among Lviv stone formations

On last summer’s hot days the Lviv citizens being among heated by the sun buildings and asphalt paving were searching for protection under the green canopy of trees. Every year it turns out to be more difficult to do it. Because Lviv is being shamelessly and persistently unbared: trees, green gardens, and yards are permanently disappearing. The attack occurs on legal grounds: there is a resolution of the city council on sealing up the city. That is why, while cutting one more tree, you can always justify your actions by the need of infrastructure development of the city. This trend has drawn in even the famous life-giving oasis in the city center - a park named after Ivan Franko.
Now it is looked through. Only few new plantings have appeared, even the grass cover has markedly decreased. An entire lawn of naked earth is blackening under the trees. At the same time the investment project of underground parking is presented to the officials of local authorities.

Larysa Marchuk