Viche 2011 19

19, 2011

I with the arrogance and rudeness, or the World displaces the aggressors from the road

As it is known, the UN General Assembly declared 2011-2020 to be the Decade of Action for Road Safety. Addressing the countrymen on the occasion of the official launch of this important action of the international community the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych stressed that it is not possible to achieve positive results without a broad public support: Attention and concern of each of us a daily road users to the issues of strict compliance with the established rules of conduct of a driver, pedestrian, passenger, and display of courtesy and culture will no doubt ensure the reaching of the goal - the preservation of a human life. r
Our conversation with the head of the Public Board of Independent Experts attached to the Office of State Automobile Inspection of Ukraine Oleksandr Fomenko is exactly about the role of moral factor in the following traffic rules.