Viche 2009 1

1, 2009

How to get through the crisis in 80 days and nights? the idea was proposed in the temporary performance bar in Lviv.

While in Ukraine everybody is worried about the crisis and how to fight with it in Lviv people created a project of how to meet it. An Anticrisis bar was opened in the center of Lviv.

And indeed the floor in the bar is covered with dollar and euro bills. They were printed on purpose in one of the local print shops. Every single customer gets on the floor and takes one of the bills home as a souvenir. Then he examines the walls of the bar carefully. They are decorated with funny and optimistic slogans like: Pass the crisis shut Shuster down, they dont lobe you? love them! , The crisis disorganizes but the disaster organizes, three fired people are a TEAM, Pass the crisis love your neighbor, Why you need that freaking Egypt? Go to Carpathians, The dollar was in sober fact printed in Zhydachiv (Ukrainian town), its just happened that the paper became more expensive., Make provision on winter it works!, Make deputies accept bribes in UAH!, Stop playing football raise popatos on the stadium!, Every crisis is a beginning of something new!, Won the war will stand the crisis, Money is just one of the ways to communicate. There are others, try to love without money! Its cheaper!, Cant take the mortgage? Dont take it!


Do not consider this an advertisement we will just mention the approximate prices in UAH: toasts with lard you wish! 5, baked breads with sauce Forget it all 6, Lard who suffered 6, bagles with lard Hold on 7, barreled vegetables Polubotkos Gold 6, sandwiches Cheese inflation, pita with bacon the Brocker 15, buckwheat with scraps War is war 10, potatoes cooked in village style We don care bout National bank 8,  pilaw the vegetable debit 6, soup the Vegetable obligation - 4, Ukrainian borshch eternal value 6, the wet trade unions fruit drink, the Antidepresant fruit drink 7, Budget the cherry drink 4 and many more spicy dishes.

And in the end of your visit to the bar one more advise.

Let us remember: every single one of us has the bag with a priceless treasure the spoonful  of love, fistful  of hope and pockets full of faith. And this is the only currency, that never going to be cut down by the inflation.

P.S. the address of the bar? Only for  booking the Viche magazine, or set the table for us in the anticrisis bar.

Larysa Marchuk