Viche 2009 1

1, 2009

While the fat gets thinner

Its so unpleasant to continue this proverb! But if something is not said that doesnt mean that it will not happen. The disappointing predictions of 2009 can be next: either we try to survive for 3 months spending 5 UAH per day, or do it for 12 months, spending only 3. That was explained for the vision of perspective, - told in parliament. The main topic for discussion planning of the State Budget and its expenses in the year of Bull.

The way, that was chosen by the government, presented on Oct. 23 in the parliament and directed on the planning of the State Budget and fighting with the crisis was called an average pessimistic by Yulia Tymoshenko. Ant this is under condition, if the parliament, the government, the President and the National Bank will start working concurrently and according to the system. Do you believe in such kind of a statement?

It is hard to predict, what will happen with the state budget-2009 on the moment when the reader will get the January issue of the magazine. But if the thin will not get either 3 or 5 UAH, as my parliament companions thought, he will have no other chance except then to take the pitchfork and race it to the election. Maybe will finally take the bull by the horns?