Журнал Viche 2009 №1

№1, 2009

Meeting of the European Court on Human Rights is Now in Kyiv!

Volodymyr M. Koretsky International Law Competition for the first time was conducted in Ukraine, the finale of it was the imitation of the verbal hearing at the meeting of the European Court on Human Rights in Strasburg.

Within the framework of the exhibition “Lawyers to society” seminars, forums, round table discussions took place where specialists in the field of jurisprudence were able to exchange their experience, find new business partners and get into contact with target audience.

The week of law is of nonpolitical character and will be conducted at the national level since now. Under its aegis this year the series of actions were conducted for the sake of society, at the same time strengthening respect to the law and trust to the legislators and  trying to answer the question: why does a lawyer need to be socially responsible especially under the crisis conditions?  According to the point of view of organizers and coordinators of legislative forum, it has to become traditional and the main motive force in overcoming of legal nihilism in the society and in the increase of legal culture of population.