Журнал Viche 2009 №1

№1, 2009

From Ternopil to Paris to Do Practical Work

Students and research workers of Ternopil State Technical University constantly go to Paris to work on probation

Ternopil State Technical University named after Ivan Pulyui is the biggest and unique one among institutes of higher education in the region that prepares engineering staff for Western region. This establishment is a full member of the European association of universities. This organization unites over 600 universities and it is also the representative organ of higher educational establishments in Europe. As the member of this association Ternopil State Technical University participates actively in fulfilling one of its most important tasks - the creation of European space of higher education where students and research workers will be able to realize own intentions and ideas on the basis of the generally accepted European educational standards.
Our conversation with Professor Petro Yasniy, who is the head of Ternopil State Technical University, is about advantages and peculiarities of this higher educational establishment.