Viche 2009 1

1, 2009

Who will acquire Ukrainian black earths?

Since 2005 the world prices on food have almost doubled, only last year they increased on 40%. Presently more than 40 countries of the world (about 1 billion people) are seized with starvation. According to the prognoses of U.N.O. till 2050 the planets population will increase on 2,5 billion and it will make 9,2 billion. All this creates favorable pre-conditions for development of agricultural production and particularly and in Ukraine. Owning 2% agricultural holdings and 6,7% of world black earths, having old agricultural traditions, our state is able to become one of leading exporters of agro industrial products.

There are counted about 7 million proprietors of the steadings. One third of shares actually lost a proprietor: he died, drove out or simply did not summon an area. Other were bought up by a large capital mainly with gross violations of the land legislation.


The process of delivery of state acts on the right of ownership of lot lands in place of certificates is being completed a new question appears: what is peasants benefit? In fact we carried out privatization not for the sake of privatization but to form a new economic relations, to increase profitability of lot lands, to make the economy of country grow,  says the first vice-chairman of the State committee on the landed resources of Ukraine, Doctor of economic sciences Anton TRETYAK.


The special attention should be paid to the destiny of bill On the state landed cadastre, the acceptance of which is determined as near-term by the Landed code taking into account the abolition of the earth sale moratorium. A document has been in Verkhovna Rada since 1999 year, but it had only its first reading. Other bill in relation to a cadastre was developed by A state committee of Ukraine on landed resources is on consideration of Cabinet. Obviously its motion by imperious corridors will soon finish, in fact he has alternative status.


Not less than 10 years is needed to create a cadastre, vice-chairman of a state committee of Ukraine Halyna YATSYSHINA says.