Viche 2009 1

1, 2009

Mykola SKORYK: Lately the Successful Cooperation Between Odessa Region and the Regions of the Countries of the European Union has been a Brilliant Example for Others

At the beginning of December, 2008 the chairman of the Odessa regional board Mykola Skoryk, who heads the European Council Region Lower Danube, during the working visit to the Romanian city Halats took part in the constituent meeting of the General Assembly of Association of the transboundary cooperation European Region Lower Danube. The Regulation and the Act about the foundation of this association were signed. Our conversation with Mykola SKORYK, the chairman of the Odessa regional board is about what this event means for Odessa region and Ukraine on the whole, about the prospects of international cooperation of the region and its development.

Odessa region, one of the biggest in Ukraine, is the functioning member of the following European organizations:


European Region Lower Danube (from 1998);


Assembly of the European regions (1992);


Working concord of near Danube countries (1994);


Association of the European boundary regions (2001);


Conference of public regions of Europe (2004);


Assembly of the European wine making regions (2004).