Viche 2014 8

Viche 8, 2014

The Humanitarian Dimension of Ukraine Russia Relations

The evolution of Ukrainian-Russian relations in the humanitarian sphere; the aggressive policy of Russia at the present stage; issues regarding labour and illegal migrants, the dissemination of the Russian language; the policies of Russian non-governmental organizations; Ukrainian approaches to…

Usage of Special Knowledge during the Investigation of Crimes in the Budget Sphere of Ukraine

Theoretical and practical problems of the usage of special knowledge during the investigation of crimes in the budget sphere are analyzed.

Regarding the Role of State Authoritative and Local Self-Government Bodies in Resolving the Issues on Administrative and Territorial Structure: National and Foreign Experience

The role of state authoritative and local self-government bodies in resolving the issues on the administrative and territorial structure of Ukraine and some European unitary states on the basis of the proper provisions of normative legal instruments is analyzed.…

Nature of Concepts of Spy and Military Intelligence Officer and Their Difference in International Law

On the basis of classical sources of international humanitarian law, the latest Ukrainian and foreign works in the sphere of international legal science, the essential meanings of the terms a spy and a military intelligence officer are attempted to…

Constitutional Relations in Ukraine: Experience, Contradictions, European Context

Intensive research regarding the establishment of Ukrainian constitutionalism has become of great importance since the dramatic civil conflict (November 2013 February 2014) which is to be named the Revolution of Dignity.