Журнал Viche 2014 №6

Viche №6, 2014

Participation of Minor Children and Juveniles as Parties to Civil Actions

This article іs devoted to the problems of the participation of minor children and juveniles in civil actions. Minor children and juveniles are proven to be specific subjects of civil procedural relationships.

Results of a Questionnaire Poll on the Effectiveness of Juvenile Punishments Conducted amongst Judges of Appellate Courts, and the Possibility to Use These Results in Legislative and Law Enforcement Activities

On the basis of a questionnaire poll regarding the effectiveness of juvenile (minors’) punishments conducted amongst judges, the scientific and practical recommendations to improve the current legislation in the proper area are revealed.

Principles of Ukraine – Russia Relations: Crimea

The main strategic goals of Russia in the modern world are considered. The author has determined that Russia's key priorities are its interests in the territories of CIS countries.

Termination of Pretrial Investigation on the Grounds Set Forth in Paragraph 2 of Part 1 of Article 280 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine

This article studies the institute of termination of the pretrial proceedings according to the new Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

Specifics of Legal Regulation of the Control over Transfer Pricing within the Relations of Large Taxpayers

This article explores specialties of the administrative and legal regulation of transfer pricing within the relations of large taxpayers. Efficient legislation in this area is analyzed; the positive effects of state regulation of transfer pricing are grounded.