Журнал Viche 2014 №10

Viche №10, 2014

Global Experiences in Preventing and Counteracting Corruption: Towards the Issue on Integration of the Legislation of Ukraine into EU Law

Global experiences in preventing and counteracting corruption in order to implement the primary directions for improving the legal frameworks in Ukraine are examined.

Controversial Issues Regarding Joint Property Ownership between Spouses

Key aspects of the problems regarding the objects of the right of joint property ownership are summarized. The main articles of the Family Code of Ukraine regulating such relationships are examined.

Methods For Improvement of VAT Legal Regulations in Ukraine in the Context of Its European Integration

The main methods for improving the value added tax (VAT) legal regulations in Ukraine are explored in the context of the integration processes in the European Union and Ukraine’s participation therein.

Regarding Problematic Issues on Legal Regulation of the Institute of Covert Investigative (Detective) Actions in Criminal Proceedings

Legal regulation of the institute of covert investigative (detective) actions in criminal proceedings is considered. Scientific research to settle problematic issues associated with inconsistencies of the law of Ukraine concerning this subject is explored.

Application of Advanced World Standards for the Organization of Efficient Operations of Law Enforcement Agencies in Ukraine

The application of international experiences to ensure the personal security of the law enforcement officers of European countries are explored.

The Constitution of Civil Society. Proposal for Reforms*

Can the current Constitution of Ukraine be considered as the Basic Law that is directly applicable? Does its content meet the \rrequirements of the Ukrainian nation and the Ukrainian state? Which Constitution should the state have: one which is…