Viche 2013 5

Viche 5, 2013

The viable resource

Exactly twenty years mankind celebrates the World water day on March 22, the idea of its establishment was sounded at the UN Conference on environment protection and development which held in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro.

Martisor as a symbol of friendship and love of Balkan nations

Thracians from the Crimean village Chornopillya will send to Greece the gifts with red, white and golden threads - decorations in the form of various primrose, bells, beads, men, hearts.

The supremacy of Ukrainian language as the sole state that should be the legal regime of its operation and use in the native country

Recently during the International native language day, the deputies of Ukraine Volodymyr YAVORIVSKIY and Volodymyr BONDARENKO (NU Motherland), Mariya MATIOS (PP BLOW of Vitaliy Klitschko), Iryna FARION (NU Liberty), the deputy of Ukraine of the I-VI convocations of the…

Virtual Shevchenkiana

On March, 9, it will be 199 years since birtday, and March 10, t will be 152 years since the death of Taras Shevchenko.

The proser with the soul of the poet

Our colleague Mykola SLAVYNSKIY is 65! It is paradox! Mostly we overestimate people who are far away from us and underestimate our friends. Especially their creative achievements. The factor of habitualness is working out.

White spots of the red literature: myths, hypotheses, reflections

The third edition of the study Literature of Ukraine was published for pupils, students and all those who care about the native literature The author of the fundamental edition the Doctor of philology, the Professor, the honored worker…

Ars gubernandi the management science

The unique model of the students self-government called The Republic Success was created in 2000 in school 3 of Sevastopol. Not by coincidence the self-government obtained that name: our school motto is Strive to success.

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