Viche 2013 5

5, 2013

The proser with the soul of the poet

Our colleague Mykola SLAVYNSKIY is 65!
It is paradox! Mostly we overestimate people who are far away from us and underestimate our friends. Especially their creative achievements. The factor of habitualness is working out. Or maybe of a kind friendly envy. That is why it is both easy and difficult to write about the person who you know for more than one year.

The ancient shot. Colleagues of the editors office of the capital newspaper Young Guard (according to recognition of the many literary critics of the twentieth century, nursery of writing) gathered in the spring forest nearby Kyiv. The fourth to the right in the photo is tall and slender Mykola SLAVYNSKIY (was born on March, 28, 1948 in Pavlovka village of Svitlovodsk district of Kirovograd region). Young for that time journalists were standing by the fire, on which public soup was about to boil. It is symbolical! We actually cooked something every day in our editorial cooking pot. And despite the difficult conditions of totalitarian times a lot of them tasted that brew. However, some people needed pepper, other people felt bitter.

The creative sail, under which the hero of an anniversary swims in the life sea, is very similar to the dark-skinned searcher of the Golden Fleece, and tightly pulled by the wind. Dear Mykola Borysovych, wish you new foundings and discoveries on the unknown shores of the literary continents, faithful luck and love!