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Viche 2013 №4

Viche №4, 2013

Application of tactical techniques during realization of verbal investigative (search) actions with participation of foreigners

The Procedural Code (PC) of Ukraine does not contain the exhaustive list of investigative (search) actions in the separate article. In addition, the code does not separate verbal and nonverbal investigative actions.

Psychic violence and psychic terror as international and legal global bioethics problems: their prophylaxis in the modern society

Prophylaxis of psychic violence and psychic terror in the society are among the most acute modern global bioethics problems which need urgent optimum legal settlement.

Improvement of the system of providing of safety of workers of the law enforcement authorities under conditions of modern transformation processes

From the beginning of 2013 Ukraine has been presiding in OSCE which counts 57 states-participants.

Composition of constitutional and legal wrong doings in the field of local self-government

Constitutional and legal responsibility is an important element of mechanism of realization of the Basic Law of Ukraine and a mean of strengthening of constitutional legality and rule of law in the field of state administration and local self-government.…

Adoption of the new Constitution of Ukraine in 1996, its pre-condition and peculiar features, and prospect of constitutional reform

Acceptance of the Declaration on the state sovereignty of Ukraine on July, 16, 1990 and proclamation of the independence of Ukraine on Augusts, 24, 1991 under the conditions of the collapse of the USSR was the objective reality, and…

Constitutional changes in Hungary in 2012: basic innovations and their influence on social and political development of the state

After the Second World War when the pro-Bolshevik Hungarian Working People’s Party came to power in Hungary, in August in 1949 the Constitution (Law XX of 1949) drafted similarly to the Basic Law of the USSR of 1936 was…

Activity of internal affairs bodies on human and citizen rights and freedoms of Ukraine

The problems of providing human and citizen rights and freedoms in the activity of internal affairs bodies of Ukraine at different times were the subject of research of many known scientists: A. Antonovych, O. Bandurka, K. Levchenko, O. Martynenko.…

Model of constitutional complaint for Ukraine: a matter of optimization

Since the constitutional justice was founded in Ukraine leading domestic constitutionalists have been asserting that the institute of constitutional complaint is acknowledged by many democratic countries as an effective national mean of legal defense of constitutional human rights from…

Problems of estimation of efficiency of the states and dialectical ways of their settlement

Criteria of estimation of efficiency of the states. Their drawbacks. The most known criteria used for the estimation of efficiency of the states are -          classic cost criteria of estimation (GDP, GNP, etc.