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Viche 2013 22

Viche 22, 2013

In relation to perfection of the legislative regulation of activity in the field of rural green tourism

Experience of more than fifteen year development of rural tourism in Ukraine proves the viability of this variety of economic activity of habitants of village and its positive influence on economic activity and socio-economic situation in rural locality.

Organizational and structural forming of the system of migratory policy of Ukraine

International conflicts and wars, crisis of political power, orientation of economy on the market relations made the problems of adaptation of a person in a different cultural surroundings even more acute, in particular if talking about people who left…

Effective dialog between the state and the civil society as a precondition to the becoming of consensus democracy

During last years the research workers, politicians and lawyers who study the problems of becoming of the democratic state and civil society, all more frequent use such terms as the consolidated democracy, consolidation of democracy, consensus democracy, etc.

Role of the state in providing human rights and freedoms in Ukraine

Every state went through its own unique way of becoming and many factors influenced on it: historical events, mentality of certain society, level of political-administrative elite. Its functions changed depending on the political mode, form of rule, administrative-territorial regime.…

Regulation of raw material commodity trading before the first international commodity agreements are concluded

The first international commodity agreements began to be concluded only in the 30th of the last century, before that time the regulation of raw material commodity trading was carried out with the help of supervisory mechanisms introduced by the…

Prosecutors supervision after keeping within the law at application of additional measure in the form of mortgage in criminal processing

The importance of the selected theme is predetermined by the application of pre-trial restriction in the form of a mortgage is considered as the most effective alternative to the holding in detention.

Draft Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union: analysis of the regulations about the creation of free trade zone

Because of aspiration of national management to intensify the economic and political collaboration with the European Union, researches of legal principles of functioning of future free trade zone that are in the project of Association Agreement between Ukraine and…

Education of lawyers of new generation. World experience and the realities of Ukrainian classic university

Education of top-qualification staff in the sphere of jurisprudence plays an invaluable role in providing the organs of state power, system of justice and law and order authorities with the specialists-lawyers.

Im for the reform of Public Prosecution Office but in a constitutional way

So that the said by me did not give rise to doubts or warnings, I declare categorically: I support fully the European integration of Ukraine; Im for the reform of the public prosecution office of our state but in…