Viche 2012 5

Viche 5, 2012

Direct descendent of genius

On the 28th of March a grandson of Ivan Franko is 80 years old! Genius poet Ivan Franko was the exemplary father of his daughter Anna and three sons Andriy, Petro and Taras.

Taras Shevchenko: neither marbled nor bronzed

The world saw the unique album of rarities reproductions of manuscripts and pictures of a genius poet Who is Taras Shevchenko? The first answer is like a scream of the soul: strange question! Everybody knows: the author of…

In memory of Taras

Zaporozhia traveler and writer Volodymyr Suprunenko rode 4 thousand kilometers by bicycle and hitchhiked 2 thousand kilometers on the mountain and desert ways of Transcaucasia and Middle Asia.

Im fed up with my play. I would like to run away from it...

Turning the baked milk colored pages is directly related to the March calendar marks International Theater Day and the 160-th anniversary of Mykola Hoholyas death.

Posing of equilibrium

National Museum of Arts named in the honour of Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko has revealed the following secret of its funds: exhibited one more portion of priceless selection of the Chinese classic art of the XVII beginning of…

Golden palette

Tetyana HOLEMBIYEVSKA is a folk artist, academician of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, professor of pictorial art department of the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, academician of Petrovska Academy of Sciences and Arts (Saint Petersburg), corresponding…

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