Журнал Viche 2008 №11

№11, 2008

Lets save it and it will protect us!

On June 28 - Day of Constitution of Ukraine

12 years ago endured in political pains and adopted Basic Law of a young state is not only being under the breech-sight of killers but also is exposed to an undisguised tortures.
And not by an ordinary citizens, so to say little Ukrainians but by an elite. They generously rub the salt on his wound on his body crystallized by public and by imperious affairs, Napoleon's plans of doctors of Right and even by oligarchic hand-to-hand fights.

And he, maimed in the eyes of community, loses his life-breath; turning into the object of permanent manipulations, appears pitiful in the consciousness of public. And here naturally there is a logical question: wherefore such Basic Law? Cut again and entirely in the accusations it would be gladly thrown on garbage heap of a newest history.