Viche 2008 11

11, 2008

Truth is the best business card?

 On the first inter-parliamentary conference of the representatives of deputy groups of friendship between Ukraine and the EU countries, that proceeded in May in Kyiv, and has to become annual the new possibilities of the social-economical cooperation were developed.

 Any process of cooperation has its beginning and the purpose. For Ukraine it is the integration to the European Union stated the Head of Verkhovna Rada Arseniy Iatsenyuk, opening the meeting.

Theres no doubt in  the fact, that the EU supports Ukraine on the way of integration, but it is still necessary to convince other western institutions that those steps are useful, - answered our guest on the appeals of the Ukrainian colleagues. They still insist on the formation of positive image of Ukraine abroad. As an example, they reminded the managers formulas: PR-agency always must have the exact and faithful information about the customer, when promoting him in the market.

Instead of this, abroad, there is an evident lack of information about the modern economical processes in our country. The speeches in the governmental institutions of the main political Ukrainian players do not reflect the real facts.

We have to consolidate the positive energy in the relationships with Europarliament and transfer it to the other institutions. In the process of getting closet to the EU there have to be new reasons for building the reputation, new events, that will give a more clear information about the changing and the development of Ukraine. Authoritative people in EU state, that the truth will be the best propaganda. And we also have to know, what to advertise to our colleagues, said the vice-president of the Europarliament Marek Sivets.

Meanwhile in the conference hall people discussed the energetic security, the world food crisis and other global problems, that have to be resolved together. On the second floor, the President, Prime Minister and public deputies thought of how to impress the Europeans. How to show them the truth in only half of the day? How to show all the processes, that take place in the Ukrainian government. And there appeared a conflict with the agenda of the plenary meeting. It was not clear, whether the head of the state has to address to the parliament with the message, or the economical laws should be approved first? The tribune was blocked, President Viktor Yushchenko had to hold a briefing for the press. And the Prime-minister hardly criticized the actions of his secretariat.