Журнал Viche 2008 №11

№11, 2008

The Kyiv siege

According to the proceeding of the Kyiv local electoral college, about the results of the elections on May 25 to Kyivrada approached: Block of Leonid Chernovetskyy (43 representatives), Block of Yulia Tymoshenko (32), Block of Klychko (15), Block of Lytvyn (11), Gromadskyy Aktyv Kyiva (8), Party Regiony (6) and Block of Katerynchuk (5)


1 million 164 thousand and 740 voters have taken part in the elections – that is 53,39 percent from the general number.


The events on the battle field of the president campaign have proved again, that the people see only the certain money profit in the certain politician having the power. Leonid Chernovetskyy has stood up the siege, and the initiators of the off-schedule elections are getting ready to play their political revanche in a year and the half.


Meanwhile it is time to create the majority composed of the Block of Chernovetskyy, the Gromadskyy Aktyv Kyiva, Party Regiony, and, maybe Block of Katerynchuk. However, there is a point, that Viktor Pylypyshyn can join as  to Chernovetskyy, as to the BYT together with Klychko. The cost of the question, most probably, will be the chair of the Secretary of Kyyivrada.