Журнал Viche 2008 №11

№11, 2008

How the political actors gain the powers

Recently, there was published an educational book by Larysa Kochubey, D Phil. Of political science, the leading scientist of the Institute of the political, ethnical and national researches of the I.F. Kuras of NAS of Ukraine that was dedicated to the election technologies.


The work shows us the urgency of the political elections, as the part of the political system, the search of the positive mechanisms of the election process’ development in Ukraine. He analysis of the election technologies, performed by the author, gives the opportunity for deeper understanding the peculiarities of the modern elective race and the ways of the deputies’ elections.


Kochubey L.O. The election technologies. – K: Ukrainian center of the political management, 2008. – 332 p.

Valentyn Iakushyk