Журнал Viche 2008 №11

№11, 2008

Communal property – the source of the local budgets

The state legislation provides, that self-governmental institutions have the right to possess, control and use the communal property, to create and hold their own structures of control of the communal property. But in the real life – this legislative rule has rather a declarative character, because it is not supported either by the structure of the executive institutions, by the Budget Code, nor by the other law acts, that define the order of the financing and keeping the local self-governmental institutions. As the result,  the local radas have to delegate their own powers to run the communal properties to the territorial executive institutions.

To break this vicious circle managed the territorial community of Prydesennia. About what ways of the influence were used, and what are the results tells us the head of the department of the communal property in the Chernihiv region – Volodymyr Sydorenko: